Colored bangle bracelet

The Audrey bracelet is the ultimate fashion statement. Are you going for a subtle look or do you fancy an eye catching color? You can have it all with the bracelets from the Audrey collection. The bracelet is made of stainless steel combined with enamel. The bracelet has a hidden clasp on the side and an engraved heart


These cheerfully colored bangle bracelets are super fun to combine! The bangles are made of stainless steel with a gold or silver colored coating. The material does not transfer to the skin and is scratch-resistant. The bangle is nicely oval shaped so that the bracelet fits well on the wrist. Thanks to the flexible, yet sturdy closure, you can easily put the bracelet on and off, without having to worry about losing the jewelry during the day. A nice bracelet that will last a long time in your accessory collection and with which you can mix and match creatively.

♡ Bangle bracelet in cheerful colors
♡ Perfect for mixing and matching
♡Made of stainless steel and enamel
♡ Subtle closure on the side

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Dimensions 6,7 × 5,8 × 0,8 cm

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