Elegant bracelet with pattern

Do you like elegant jewelry with a twist? Then the Lexi bracelet from Embrace Design is really something for you. This sleek round bracelet immediately stands out due to the unique engraved pattern. The bracelet is easy to open and close by the invisible lock system on the side. The Embrace Design text is engraved on the inside of the bracelet


This classic bangle features a subtle engraved pattern. The bracelet is made of plated stainless steel. This means that we have provided the steel bracelet with a color that does not fade and remains beautiful for a long time. The pattern consists of subtle semicircles that merge into each other, resulting in an elegant and graceful pattern. The bracelet has an opening on the side which has helped us to create a design that fits beautifully on the wrist. We think this is a perfect bracelet to combine with one of our other bangles or a beautiful watch in the same color for a chic result.

♡ Elegant bracelet with engraved pattern
♡ Subtle opening on the side
♡ A beautiful bracelet to combine with other jewelry

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