Dutch button bangle bracelet

The Domburg bracelet is an exclusive bracelet that radiates Dutch tradition. We have gone for a chic and modest look and have incorporated the Zeeuwse Knop into a subtle bangle bracelet with invisible closure. The Domburg bracelet is available in silver and rose gold.


We think this is a beautiful bracelet. The subtle narrow design features a small, typical Zeeland button. Next to the Zeeland button is a closure with a small inlaid stone. As a result, the closure is not noticeable and it appears to be a continuous design. The Zeeland button jewelry is made of durable stainless steel with a gold or silver plating. This does not transfer to the skin while wearing, so you can wear this piece of jewelry every day. We think this is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else, if you love beautiful Zeeland as much as we do!

♡ Bracelet with Zeeland button
♡ Made of stainless steel in silver or gold color
♡ The closure is subtly incorporated in the design with inlaid stone

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