About us

Embrace Design

Since 2005

Embrace Design is a Dutch jewellery label. For the last ten years we have been developing and producing exclusive items in our own workshops. We (exclusively) use high quality natural materials such as freshwater pearls, leather and suede. Shades of cream, taupe, ivory, champagne, grey and anthracite are a repeating theme in our collections. The recurring combinations of (our signature) materials and colours give our jewellery a classic, timeless look.

Embrace Design occupies a unique position in the market because it manages to deliver fashionable designs of a high standard at a surprisingly competitive price. Furthermore, Embrace design offers its customers a unique and personal service.

At present, Embrace Design is one of the fastest growing accessory labels. The brand is not only available in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, Italy, Spain and even the United States, through a select number of retailers.

Our accessories are manufactured in different countries. However, the same standard for the production of our items is applied everywhere. We strive to uphold the utmost care for human, animals and the environment.

If you are interested to become an official reseller or if there are other questions please contact the Embrace Design team.